The posts at this blog site are about current research, theory, and findings concerning the still growing autism epidemic and what is causing it.

Dr. John W. Oller, Jr., Hawthorne/Regents (BoRSF/LEQSF) Professor III at the University of Louisiana, is author of 17 peer-reviewed scholarly books on language and sign systems and 249 scholarly papers. Oller is known around the world as a theoretician and experimentalist. After finishing his PhD in linguistics at the University of Rochester in New York, in 1969, he joined the faculty at UCLA and within 2 years was accelerated and promoted to tenure and the Associate Professorship. In 1972 he moved to the University of New Mexico where he established and became the first Chair of the Department of Linguistics. In 1997 he was recruited to build the Applied Language and Speech Sciences PhD Program at UL. In 2000 he won a competitive grant from the Governor and Louisiana Regents to lead his department to a position of national and international pre-eminence that has netted $880,000 and continues to grow at $80,000 per year in perpetuity. His proposal for the ALSS PhD program, distinguished from all others across the nation in its emphasis on the applications of Oller’s brand of general sign theory, was unanimously approved by the Louisiana Regents in 2001. His recent work in human neuroarchitecture, genetics, and linguistics deals with toxicology, immunology, and the root causes of communication disorders.


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